Monday, June 24, 2013



Springtime is always a busy time of year, even when one is not away for 225 days or 7 mons. + 2 days!  Immediate tasks included unpacking the car, unpacking clothes, unpacking the bins & 4 loads of laundry, reinstating my car insurance, purchasing some groceries & some annuals for starters.  When weather permitted the grass weeding was started, old scraggly shrubs cut down & stumps removed, shrub & perennials moved around, grass seed spread, planters filled with fresh soil & colourful annuals, the vegetable garden was rotatilled & prepared for planting & the large grass compost heap of grass & leaves was rotatilled.  On the many inclimate weather days of cool temps & rain even as we got closer to summer, the kitchen cupboards were washed & restocked, the floors were washed, the carpets vacuumed, the furniture dusted, closets & dresser drawers rearranged, windows & screens washed & the ongoing & monumental task of filing paper & invoices, gathering years & years of old utility bills, taxes, papers etc. for shredding, cleaning out & up & organizing the basement.  Then of course of great importance to me is fitness; fitting in my powerwalks, increasing distance & frequency of bike rides, joining a gym & attending a few sessions with a personal trainer & fitness classes, all in an attempt to shed some added adipose tissue, tighten lose & weak muscles & improve physical endurance, strength & aerobic stamina.  I guess you might say we are back into the rat race of modern North American life.  Though, on my walks & bike rides I do block out the sounds of city life & enjoy the sounds of birds, the smells of Spring, the greenness & peacefulness surrounding me & I think of those tranquil, peaceful, relaxed, simple, basic, uncomplicated, most spectacular, breathtaking views & times in the Bahamas!

                                                                   My Home Ottawa!


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