Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week 22: Feb. 27- Mar. 5, 2013 (Day 148-154)

Week 22:

Wed. Feb. 27, 2013—Day 148:
Destination:  Marsh Harbour
Winds:  SW to NM 5-8K
Weather:  partly sunny & cloudy, dark threatening rain clouds passing overhead

Even though we weren’t moving we listened to SSB weather followed by Abaco Net; strong north & westerlies are coming Sat. night, Sun. into Mon.  On our way to shore with Terri & Bill to the new dinghy dock at Union Jack, we dropped in to say hello to Janet & David Moore (Whiski Mak- met in 2008-09).  We gave the grand tour of the commercial & downtown area of Marsh Harbour, meeting Barb & Ken for lunch at Juvenia, then onto Maxwell’s Supermarket.  While the Ellis’ picked up their newly purchased internet booster antenna & router from Out Island  Inter.Net & received all instructions from Chris & Crystal, & Graeme purchased yet more booze, I got my hair trimmed at Katherine’s ($10.00); once again the lower back was shaved too short, I think the rest is O.K.  Black rain clouds to the SW mostly passed us as we only received a short sprinkling.  We brought drinks only over to ‘Second Option’ as all of us we stuffed from lunch & chatted about a myriad of topics, including whether to go elsewhere for a couple of days before the blow this weekend then return; since we were in a good location amongst the big fleet of boats here, the anchor secured for several days before the weekend & the possible lack of space at Treasure Cay &/or Hopetown, it was unanimously to stay put. A clouded sunset, some pink sky followed & light cloud  cover in the night sky with clearing periods & a full moon that was quite visible.  What was more evident was the mass of anchor lights again tonight.

Thurs. Feb. 28, 2013—Day 149:
Destination:  Marsh Harbour
Winds:  NW light & variable strength during the day to max. 10K
Weather:  mainly cloudy with few sunny periods, dryer & cooler air

Some rain fell in the middle of the night but otherwise calm.  The weather predictions for the coming days were much the same.  We did not listen to the Cruisers Net at 0815 hrs. as we tied up the dinghies at Tubbs dinghy dock & went to Mangoes for a croissant & coffee breakfast with ‘Plumpuppet’ & ‘Second Option’.  Most of the shops on Restaurant Row open at 1000 hrs. so we dropped into Out Island Inter.Net for Terri & Bill to ask their few questions & then to the hardware store for PVC pipe to raise their internet antenna.  Then it was browsing in & out of the shops along Restaurant Row, stopping for a beer to quench our thirst at midtime.  Once the window shopping was done, I fast walked to the Post Office on Don MacKay Blvd. to post a birthday card for my sister, then rejoined the group at Mangoes.  It was already 1530 hrs.; as small bite to eat for lunch back home. Then we were off to visit ‘Whiski Mak’ at Marsh Harbour Yacht Club as they had taken a slip for the blow; the Jib Room hosted a cruisers’ potluck happy hour.  ‘Plumpuppet’ had filled their water & diesel tanks & reanchored close to the west side of the harbour.  Some pink sky after sunset.  A dark night with stars & some cloud but no moon till much later.

Fri. Mar. 1, 2013—Day 150:
Destination:  Marsh Harbour
Winds:  WNW 10-12K
Weather:  cloudy, cool, with light rainy period after sunset

Hours, days, weeks & months have not marched but galloped by--- this is March!  The north & westerly winds continued today & are to continue, but seem to have been downgraded some in strength for the weekend; but a secondary stronger front (aftermath) is predicted on Wed. according to Chris.  He believes this to be the last persistent front X 2 weeks with lots of cold air, then strong winds in April returning to the more normal northerly & easterly trades.  A banana pancake breakfast for a nice change.  We dinghied to ‘Second Option’ with computer since I was unable to connect from the distance between our boats & definitely had no problem to connect to their router on their boat.  Onshore we walked to a couple of shops on Restaurant Row (Tupps & Iggy Biggy) then to see the Laundromat (still only cold water but working on it & fewer number of machines), next door to Save-A –Lot, followed by BTC (no English phone instructions & no charge for receiving text messages, but for sending a text message=$0.15/ international text & $0.05 for local) & Maxwells Supermarket; Graeme was on his own.  Back on the boat I started prepping for the dinner party we were hosting with ‘Plumpuppet’ & ‘Second Option’.  Graeme had made arrangements with Mangoes Marina for storing & locking my bike, replenishing water jugs, internet privileges & possibly laundry for a fee.  Thus we were off to shore with bike & computer.  We had difficulty for some reason connecting to the internet, yet on the boat we had no problems; I left Graeme to ask for assistance & work on his emails while I cycled to BTC to register my Bahamian phone so that I may purchase time online, even $1.00, at the end of current service date before the end of every 3 mons. to keep my phone activated & not have to purchase a new SIM card ($14.95)  & maintain the same number.  When I returned a RESET had been activated on my computer; I lost my taskbar (lower right corner icons), my homepage & my toolbar; I was thoroughly pissed off!  A RESTORE was tried that retrieved my taskbar only; more assistance required tomorrow.  We scrambled back to the boat as it was now 1630 hrs. & dinner guests were arriving after 1700 hrs.  A great evening!  Thank you Terri & Bill for the broccoli to accompany the Thai Coconut Chicken  & rice I prepared & Barb & Ken for the brownies for dessert!  A clouded sunset, but there was a conch blowing competition across the harbour between Marsh Harbour Yacht Club & Mangoes; MHYC were clear winners; in fact they were spectacular.  A clouded night sky—no stars, no moon, just illumination of bright anchor lights.

Sat. Mar. 2, 2013—Day 151:
Destination:  Marsh Harbour
Winds:  W 10K, increasing 15-20K          Seas:  1 ft. waves, white caps
Weather:  cloudy, cold, periodic rain showers especially in the afternoon, H= 68F & L=58F

This is a typical picture of cruisers coming & going from shore

Grey, miserable & nasty—words of the day.  My long sleeve T’s & sweat pants were all packed away.  Locals were walking about all bundled up wearing tuques.  According to Chris, what you see is what you get for the next 36 hrs.  On a positive note, there will be relief Mon. & Tues. then again Fri. & onwards.  No sun today, therefore the wind generator was called upon to do it’s magic especially with the strong winds—not too bad a job.  Another new host of the Cruisers’ Net again this am; it is wonderful that several people have stepped up & take turns & thus reduce the workload; it is a terrific service to the cruising world.  Mid morning to Mangoes, where Graeme rode my bike to the Yamaha shop a few miles away for a new anode for the dinghy engine, but the shop was closed. I worked with the help of Ryan to restore my homepage, delete some of the start-up programs, uninstall & reinstall Google Chrome; not many emails so I was able to edit Week 21 & 22 of my blog & insert pictures.  Back on the boat we sat around reading, finishing yet another novel & starting another & doing suduko, pulling on socks & wrapping a blanket around my feet & legs trying to keep warm; I even thought of making some hot chocolate.  The temperature was steadily decreasing from 20C to 16C.  It has been months since we have had the boat totally closed up to preserve warmth.  No sunset, no stars, no moon this evening.

Sun. Mar. 3, 2013— Day 152:
Destination:  Marsh Harbour
Winds:  NW 20K +/-                                            Seas:  1 to 1-1/2ft. waves, white caps
Weather:  cloudy to start & not as grey as yesterday, then sunny periods, H= 66F & L= mid 50’sF

Yup, we had to throw the duvet over us last night!  The howling winds increased to 20K+.  A cold shower, no SSB weather as it was Sunday & no Cruisers net as Graeme dinghied me to shore to catch the bus about 0830 hrs. going to St. Francis de Sales R.C. Church (0900 hrs) via RMHYC & the Haitian community known as the Mudd.  Graeme filled 2 jerry cans of water.  A slightly wet dinghy ride home (full fowl weather gear) against a cold wind.  The sun showed it’s face much more than yesterday, therefore the solar panels took the lead today as far as charging the batteries but in conjunction with the wind generator the results were better today.  Most establishments ie shops are closed on Sundays; Maxwells is open 0900-1200 hrs.  I decided to bake some blueberry muffins to add some warmth to the cabin.  A lazy afternoon of reading, napping & more reading in the cockpit as the sun warmed the cockpit nicely.  Terri & Bill worked on their income tax returns.  But feeling some cabin fever + butt sores from sitting too long, we invited ourselves over to ‘Second Option’ enjoying a couple of hours in their sun warmed cockpit.  Graeme pointed out to us the cold weather clouds passing us by.  Candles were light for their slight warming effect.  There was clearly sunset tonight but it occurred behind land; a lovely orangey sky followed.  We were certainly back to the much to customary rocking motion of the boat, the tugging sound of the anchor especially during the late night hours & the howling winds.  I must say when I get on land I have waves of unsteadiness, mild fuzziness in the head & an almost dizziness of vision.  It was a clear dark night, stars+++ in the sky, no moon until after midnight & a ½ moon at that.

Mon. Mar. 4, 2013— Day 153:
Destination:  Marsh Harbour
Winds:  NNW to N 15K, decreasing to 10K       Seas:  1 ft. waves & white caps to minimum waves
Weather:  sun, blue sky with few clouds during the day

Although cold, the sun shone in the blue sky & it’s warming effect was felt in the enclosure & the cabin.  Graeme rode the bike to Marsh Harbour Boatyard (about 3 mi.) & purchased his water pump fan belt (M19—bought 2= $33.00).  After connecting up my computers to electricity to charge, Terri, Bill & I walked to & all around Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club; the Sea of Abaco on this side was quite calm.  We carried on to Scaggs & split the purchase of 4 individually wrapped lobster tails ($19.00).  Up the hill passed the beach, lovely homes & rental housing & the snorkeling site called Mermaid Reef we could see the rough & trubulent Sea of Abaco with 4 ft. waves from this north westerly direction.  We arrived & checked out Marsh Harbour Marina & The Jib Room; Bill checked for the availability of slips ($0.80 for 2 days or longer but full) & ability for diesel & water fill up.  Finally the long walk back to Mangoes for a well deserved Kalik.  Bill & I inquired at Harbourview Marina price of diesel ($5.72) water ($0.20/gal.) & ease of accessibility.  I then worked on the internet & posting a bit more of my blog.  The wind & waves had died & a few new boats had arrived in the anchorage, one that anchored too close for the upcoming blow; wonder if they move?  Not!   We called a gathering of friends for a drink at The Jib Room—‘Plumpuppet’, ‘Second Option’ & ‘Whiski Mak’.  A lovely sun set behind the land, then a brilliant orangey red sky filled the clear sky.  The night sky was clear & filled of stars & anchor lights & there was a distinct fresh smell to the air; a late rising ½ moon.

Tues. Mar. 5, 2013— Day 154:
Destination:  Marsh Harbour
Winds:  S to N to E to ESE to S to SSW 10K to calm
Weather:  mainly sunny & warmer than last 3 days

Laundry Day & no foul weather gear!

What a difference a day makes!  No howling winds, only calm waters!  A simple glorious, stupendous day!  And everyone came out of the woodwork to do laundry.  In our case it was simply because there was no fear of clean laundry getting wet with sea water.  Unfortunately this was to be the one day of reprieve; Chris re-confirmed that a fast moving cold front would come through Wed. & Thurs., but this would be the last strong westerly & extended cold front for a while.  The laundry was organized, garbage, computer, 1 empty water jerry can were loaded into the dinghy; of course at the last minute Graeme decided to add diesel from the jerry can to the boat tank.  Thankfully we didn’t arrive at Mangoes a minute later, so I was able to grab the 2 washers before others, followed by 1 more wash load, then 2-55 minute dryers; 5 loads X $3.50 = $17.50 (tokens from office).  While doing laundry I was able to work on the internet under the gazebo.  What a waste of another super fantastic day doing laundry!  Afterwards Graeme worked on his emails & I cycled to Maxwells for a few groceries in anticipation of a Thurs. departure to explore other areas of the Sea of Abaco.  No bananas, no bread, & so I stopped at Island Bakery & purchased a raisin cinnamon & a coconut bread, which we split with the Ellis’ ($3.20/ loaf).  The Mailboat for Marsh Harbour arrives & the shelves are stocked every Wednesday.  Quickly as I held the bow & stern lines of the dinghy, Graeme scrubbed the boat’s water line—lots of dirty & green slime.  Dixie & Rex (Wonderland—Dolphin 46) had us over for a lovely evening; a gorgeous & spacious catamaran, decorated with simplistic class.  Rex admitted their proximity to us especially when facing east, but were very congenial about the situation & will monitor & move accordingly.  A phenomenal sunset, red sky with contrasting cold weather clouds, then a clear dark night illuminated with zillions of stars & anchor lights.  A 1/3 moon visible near dawn.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week 21: Feb. 20- 26, 2013 (Day 141-147)

Week 21:

Wed. Feb. 20, 2013—Day 141:
Destination:  Rock Sound to Governors Harbour
Departure:  0755 hrs.                   Arrival:  1305 hrs.                              Distance: 23.06 NM
Winds:  NE 5K increasing to 8K                                         Seas:  calm
Weather:  glorious day of sunshine & few scattered clouds

'Second Option'-- Hunter 45.5
Terri & Bill checking anchor with look bucket
An incredibly calm quiet night; mirror water this morning—wouldn’t you know it!  We were certainly anchored well in sand; the chain & anchor required a wash down of the caked sand.  A few boats left yesterday, but most of us left this am.  At low tide we motored out to Sound Point waypoint, then it was coral head watch out to Kemp Point waypoint where we turned more north & beyond.  We saw a shark hovering around the periphery of a coral patch & further along a huge turtle & finally dolphins swimming amongst the boats anchored in Governors Harbour.  The winds had shifted & increased in intensity enough that we were able to fly the jenny—cruising speed a whapping 5.5K.  It was such a calm glorious day I was able to lie out on the deck & read.  We anchored at low rising tide laying 130 ft. chain in 14 ft. water, as the bottom is hard & holding is not known to be the greatest; we checked the anchor with the look bucket.  First stop ashore was the bakery (0700-1700 hrs. each day & closed on Sunday), then we walked a couple of the main streets, but all the bars & restaurants were closed; is this because it was Wed.?  Happy hour on ‘Second Option’; their fridge is not working as it should once again.  We were entertained with Junkanoo practice music for an hour after supper; I believe there was an announcement on the radio that this Sat. was their annual fund raiser. A glorious sunset with perfect conditions for a green flash, but that was not the case.  A spectacular red sky.  A 2/3 moon was visible during the afternoon & particularly bright in the evening sky & a clear night sky of stars.

Thurs. Feb. 21, 2013—Day 142:
Destination:  Governors Harbour to Twin Sisters Beach, Glass Window
Departure:  0805 hrs.                    Arrival:  1235 hrs.                                     Distance:  22 NM 
Winds:  E 10-18K increasing by evening to ENE to E 15-20K              Seas:  max. 1 ft.
Weather:  sunny, blue skies & clouds late pm near sunset

Glass Window
Incredible interference noise with Chris Parker’s broadcast that was most annoying as well as it made it very difficult to hear the broadcast.  Our departure went as planned.  The jenny was unfurled & we had a leisurely motorsail at 5.2 to 6.2K as the wind speed fluctuated.  It was necessary to pay attention at all times for fish traps, both the old yellow & small variety & the new larger & more apparent white round markers.  Surprisingly we saw no marine life.  We heard & made contact with ‘Plumpuppet’ & ‘Gemini’, bound for Royal Island from Ships Channel via the Fleming Channel & Abacos via NE Providence Channel in the am.  We were also able to hear the US Coast Guard.  We passed Alabaster Bay, Hackett Bay, Gregorytown & finally to Twin Sisters Beach just south of the Glass Window Bridge.  We anchored with 100 ft. chain in 10 ft. water, although we could have anchored closer to the shore for better protection & less rolly boat motion.  Mid afternoon we dinghied ashore & explored both sides of Queens Highway for 2 hrs.— the crashing indigo blue Atlantic vs the calm aqua/turquoise Exuma Sound. ‘Second Option’ invited us over for grilled lobster on the BBQ with rice & beans—yummy, yummy!  A clouded sunset & partial cloud & partial clear night sky with a bright ¾ moon & stars.

Twin Sisters Beach, Glass Window
Fri. Feb. 22, 2013—Day 143:
Destination:  Twins Sisters Beach to Spanish Wells, St. George Cay
Departure:  0755 hrs.                     Arrival:  1200                                    Distance:  19.09 NM
Winds:  E 13-19K, gusting late pm to 20-22K                            Seas:  1 ft. waves + 2-4 ft. rollers
Weather:  cloudy, then quite sunny before the clouds returned mid pm & sunset

A great sailing day!
A little rolly last night & again this am, but it didn’t seem to interrupt our sleep.  After weather from SSB we lifted the dinghy engine & dinghy.  It also was a rolly ride out in Exuma Sound to Current Cut, with an east wind on our stern, to the point that I dare not read for fear of becoming seasick.  We had the jenny only rolled partly out & still cruising at 5.7K.  The clouds dissipated to a mostly sunny morning.  As planned, at 0950 hrs. we were travelling through Current Cut on a rising tide, therefore a 5K current was at our transom pushing us through the deep 35 ft. cut between Eleuthera Island & Current Island at a speed of 10.1K!  In no time we were out into the calmer, sheltered, crystal clear aqua & turquoise water on the other side . We reset the jenny & had a great beam reach sail at 6.0K.  Terri & Bill without question were going to a marina; Graeme decided we would splurge & do so as well—it had been 56 straight days at anchor.  Thus reservations were made at Spanish Wells Yacht Haven ($1.50/ ft. + $0.65/kwh for electricity + $0.20/ gal. for water).  On a falling tide approaching max. low tide, we made our way through the channel that sports a new white mooring ball to starboard, then port to the marina.  Both guys did super landings into fixed, long finger slips.  Once the lines were set & after lunch, we registered, then laundry—2 loads (2 wash + 2 dry) X $3.00= $12.00 (only 1 washer & 1 dryer in marina) & internet while waiting (password= spanish1).  Graeme filled our boat tanks with 3 water jerry cans & hunted for a M19 fan belt, but no success.  Terri & Bill were over after their laundry, showers & defrosting their freezer for a late day drink.  A late supper for all of us.  I then had my wonderful, running hot water shower!  A cloudy sunset with few hints of pink sky.  A light cloud cover & clear sky of stars & bright ¾ moon.

Sat. Feb. 23, 2013—Day 144:
Destination:  Spanish Wells
Winds:  E 15K in am  to S 10-20K in afternoon & SE <10K at night
Weather:  sunny with threatening rain clouds around now & again in am, but sun +++ in pm
Too long together?
Damn, it was most difficult to hear Chris this am; too much interference being in a marina.  It looks like the weather has changed according to him, not in our favour of course with stronger winds & constant reinforcing cold fronts each day for an extended period of time mid next week.  We rented a golf cart for a day with Terri & Bill ($50.00/ day or $15.00 per hour).  The 1st order of business was filling the diesel jerry cans with diesel ($5.72/ gal).  Then we toured around the island from one end to the other, including Russell Island, stopping frequently to explore shops & enjoying the cleanliness of the island, the well manicured yards & the colourful painted homes; there were many homes for sale this year unlike past years.  A few groceries were purchased at Food Fair + 1 loaf of bread ($5.50) from Kathy’s Bakery (open M- Sat. at 0900 hrs.) & returned our purchases to the boat.  Our lunch stop was at ‘The Gap’, cracked conch for me, & no booze if you can imagine for anyone as this is a dry island.  Then we walked part of gorgeous long the beach at low tide; soft, powdery white sand & small shells & breaktaking colour of the water.  We finished our touring at 1615 hrs.  Still stuffed from lunch, we just drank margaritas till dark, compliments of Terri & Bill.  No visible sunset, some pink sky before darkness set in.  A mostly clear night sky with stars & bright near full moon with a few clouds.
Margaritas till dark

Sun. Feb. 24, 2013—Day 145:
Destination:  Spanish Wells Yacht Haven to Royal Island
Departure:  1020 hrs.                         Arrival:  1140 hrs.                               Distance:  5.39 NM
Winds: SW 10-12K, decreasing later afternoon & evening to 5K & less               Seas:  1 ft. chop
Weather:  warm, humid, sunny & blue sky

Happy 65th Birthday Larry!!!
A warm humid night; the sheets felt more wet than damp, but nevertheless I slept.  Early morning real warm showers again for both of us before breakfast.  Graeme filled the boat’s water tanks & quickly washed the deck, outsides of the hatches & windows & a half-assed wash down of the cockpit.  Shortly after 0900 hrs. we made a birthday phone call to Larry as this was his 65th; everyone talked to him.  Quickly we decided to leave now, 2 hrs. before max. low tide rather than wait till 1400 hrs., 2 hrs. into a rising tide; we believe there might be a lot of boats in the Royal Island anchorage as we stage for departures tomorrow.  An uneventful departure from the slip & marina.  It was a motor ride to Royal Island as the wind was on the nose.  We were the 8th & 9th boats in, for a total for the night of 13.  Then it was an afternoon of polishing off another novel & doing suduko, lying in the sun on the deck on such a most beautiful warm day, while Graeme finished the novel I later started.  I saw a ray leap out of the water twice.  Late afternoon ‘Eleohn’ surprised us with their arrival; they had left Allans Cay this morning parting ways with ‘Southern Bound’ as they headed to Nassau—they may leave their boat there till next season.  ‘Eleohn’ planned to wait out the upcoming cold front in Spanish Wells, then head to the Florida Keys & up the west coast home to the Panhandle.  ‘Truansea’ was still in Georgetown & about 2-3 weeks behind.  The winds steadily decreased; some heavy cloud to the SW but pink sky to the west.  A bright & clear night because of the full moon & stars.

Mon. Feb. 25, 23013—Day 146:
Destination:  Royal Island, Eleuthera to Lynyard Cay, Abacos
Departure:  0630 hrs.                        Arrival:  1545 hrs.                                     Distance:  56 NM
Winds:  SE 14K to SSE-S 8-13K & calm after sunset             Seas: 1 ft. waves, 2-4 ft. swell
Weather:  hot & sunny, increased cloud closer to the Abacos

Another warm & humid night, & lots of moisture on the exterior.  It was necessary for Graeme to wipe the enclosure & dodger windows.  The clouds at dawn dissipated as we, the 1st boats to leave, exited the anchorage at high tide.  The jenny was rolled partially out with a 14K SE wind; boat speed= 6.5K as we proceeded south of Little Egg Island & the unmarked airplane wreck, giving it a wide berth.  We jibbed onto a port tack & rolled the rest of the jenny out on a broad reach with seas so far about 1 ft. & no swell, until we were well in the NE New Providence Channel.  Here the swells increased & the winds shifted to a more southerly direction, producing a sideways rockin ‘n rollin action which subsequently knocked the wind out of the sail.  We spent a couple of hours jibbing downwind doing more distance than gaining any speed or benefit, resulting in the boats behind us passed us.  Finally at 1430 hrs. we rolled the jenny in; perhaps it would have been more beneficial to use the DRS.  Terri & Bill had caught a 3-4 ft.  mahi mahi, gaffed it to the transom but then it slipped away.  The passage through the cut at high tide & with the calm sea conditions was a non issue.  We took a new route to starboard towards then along the Lynyard Cay shoreline, anchoring in 15 ft. ? grass & 120 ft. chain,  whereas Terri & Bill took 4-5 attempts to get their Fortress anchor to hold; we were just lucky.  Also they had torn the loop in the tack of the main, so took it down, repaired it on their Sail Rite sewing machine, then rehoisted the sail.  I phoned Mom to announce our arrival in the Abacos.  Wide bands of red sky after the sun had set behind Great Abaco Island.  A very bright full moon (official day) in a clear night sky of stars.

Tues. Feb. 26, 2013—Day 147:
Destination:  Lynyard Cay to Marsh Harbour
Departure:  0800 hrs.                                   Arrival:  1135 hrs.                           Distance:  19.5 NM
Winds:  S 13-20K
Weather:  partially sunny & cloudy

After a quiet night, the south wind increased at dawn.  Chris confirmed unfortunately the arrival of yet another cold front, increased winds from a northerly & westerly direction X 10 days, not ideal direction for Marsh Harbour, so we may need to change location as required.  The waves were crashing through Bar Channel & it was a little rolly going passed but really not bad.  We continued short distances from waypoint to waypoint using a partial jenny & jibbing as required.  We were hailed by a number of friends, both old & new as we made our passage.  And as expected Marsh Harbour was crowded.  Barb & Ken (Plumpuppet—met in 2009) dinghied over on their way to dominoes & swimming respectively.  Louiselle & Ken (Fair Winds) at individual times came over to say hello & told us of their adventures.  When a boat closeby up anchored, we too relocated in the vacated area.  Arrangements were made for happy hour then dinner with many friends at Snappas—Barb & Ken (Plumpuppet), Terri & Bill (Second Option), Irene & Phil (Plan B) & Jody (just flew in this am) & Joe (Gemini).  Home soon after 2000 hrs.  Sorry, I did not pay attention to the sunset.  Partial cloud with the full moon obscured & partial clear sky of stars, but an amazing number of anchor lights that shone in the night sky—not so dark. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 20: Feb. 13-19, 2013 (Day 134-140)

Week 20:

Wed. Feb. 13, 2013—Day 134:

Destination:  Rock Sound
Winds:  S 5K-->15-20K by mid am to S-SSW 5-8K at sunset           Seas:  calm gentle waves--> 1 ft. white crested rollers mid am till mid pm--> gentle waves at sunset
Weather:  sunny, cool breeze

An early start of the day for everyone—Pam & Greg’s departure day.  We made 2 dinghy rides to shore:  #1) Greg & Graeme with the luggage, & #2) Pam, Graeme & myself.  Sure enough Tina & the taxi were waiting.  We said our sad goodbyes.  After breakfast I cleaned the head, cleaned the aft cabin & stripped it of it’s linen & defrosted the freezer all by 1100 hrs.  By now the south winds increased significantly & the boat bounced around repeatedly fore & aft then sideways.  I activated my purchased WiFi & Graeme & both worked at our respective emails.  Terri & Bill lugged 75 gals of water by jerry cans from the source by the blue building on the beach, then reanchored closer to us off of Pascals.  Apparently there is an official R/O water depot a couple of blocks east of Dingles.  We met at Pascals for a late lunch, recharged my computer & checked weather, emails & posted more days of my blog without pics.  The wind & sea conditions decreased to calm once again as we returned to the boat at sunset.  More than likely a green flash occurred tonight because the sky was so clear.  The red sky was intense & amazingly stunning with a bright ¼ moon, then a clear star filled night.

Thurs. Feb. 14, 2013—Day 135:
Destination:  Rock Sound
Winds:  S calm to10-15K to <10K                                 Seas:  calm to 1 ft. white capped rollersàcalm
Weather:  sunny & blue skies, H= 80F & L= 69F

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A very typical morning starting with listening to weather.  A few departing boats, a few new arrivals at the end of the day.  Laundry was gathered & sorted & loaded into the dinghy along with garbage, 1 water jerry can, 1 gas jerry can & computer backpack; we were slightly splashed going to shore.  We met Terri & Bill at Pascals then proceeded to Dingles to drop off my laundry & inquire re failed WiFi since last evening.  While others did their thing, I did a long walk along the one & only road that transects the island at Rock Sound to the Atlantic (1-1/2 mi. each direction); I walked the sandy beach of only sea grass; no sea glass, no sea beans, few very small shells.  We all met up at Pascals where a cruising tour had arrived for a buffet lunch & a sample of junkanoo.  We met a couple we had seen in Georgetown, Dixie & Rex (Wonderland—Dolphin 460 catamaran).  I worked away on the internet but especially posted pics to my blog for weeks 20 & 19.  Amazing, a dry trip dinghy ride home.  I had a sea bath then rinsed off with fresh water which felt so good.  An awesome sunset again; a few conch blowers were heard the last few nights.  A star filled dark night exhibited a ¼ moon tonight which shed only a minute fracture of light.

Fri. Feb. 15, 2013—Day 136:
Destination:  Rock Sound
Winds:  SW 15K to S <10K                        Seas:  white capped 1 ft. rolling waves
Weather:  sunny, few clouds

After a calm night, the winds not only increased at about 0830 hrs. but started shifting more westward.  South & west are not great directions for this anchorage with strong winds.  Predictions said the SW winds would decrease in strength this aft & night, then increase again tomorrow & clock to the W then NW at 30K Sat. evening through Sun. pm.  Most, all but 4 of us, moved location to the west shore of Rock Sound.  I attacked the cockpit, cleaning the cushions & the surrounding space & only spot cleaned the floor.  Despite the sea conditions we dinghied to shore, walking the Ellis’ to Dingles to drop their laundry off & to pick up my clean laundry ($20.00) + purchased 2 more days to my WiFi account ($14.00).  We were told that the Supermarket had been restocked with supplies trucked down from the Mailboat which arrived in a settlement further north; also, I learnt that one is able to obtain cuts of meat ie ground beef from the butcher at the rear of the store, by the frozen food section by ringing the bell.  Another surprise was, Tina gave me a package of fresh dinner rolls, still slightly warm from the baker that did not deliver my order on Tues.  He was also at the Supermarket near noon & also makes a stop at the Laundry Mat.  We returned the clean laundry & few groceries to the boat, putting things all away & had a quick lunch; the dinner rolls were scrumptious.  Back to Pascals to do more internet & posting pics to the blog while my computer was recharging.  The SW winds were decreasing now.  A happy hour was done on ‘Second Option’ where we observed the line of the front to the west.  It was a clouded sky at sunset but a bright 1/3 moon stars+++ in the clear night sky.

Sat. Feb. 16, 2013—Day 137:
Destination:  Rock Sound
Winds:  shifting anywhere from S through to WNW from calm in am, 10K early pm to 20-30K as squalls & rainstorm systems came through about 1600 hrs. onwards
Seas:  calm to 2-3 ft. rollers in accordance to the wind & weather
Weather:  war, humid & sunny in the am, partially cloudy early pm, then squalls & lines of rainstorms from about 1600 hrs. onwards

Weather is always on the minds of everyone that is cruising as it is the driving force as to one’s plans.  But this was particularly true of today.  We had been warned of the onslaught of westerly winds & squally weather for a few days now & have had time to prepare.   As mentioned in yesterday’s entry several boats relocated to the west side of Rock Sound anchorage.  We woke to calmness & no wind this morning; the same conditions persisted all night.  We decided to head to shore early while it was still calm along with Terri & Bill as they could/should pick up their clean laundry today.  We did so & had a nice chat with Chris at Dingles.  Then we walked to the Ocean Hole & could only watch the fish as I forgot to bring some food to feed the fish.  Off a little further east to the baseball diamond that the locals had been preparing this week as hosts of a tournament.  The 1st game started at 1100 hrs.; we watched the 1st ining where Spanish Wells were already beating Rock Sound 2:0.  We discovered another grocery store + clothes store + drug store + notions.  Best get back to the boat as the SW winds were slowing increasing & the clouds were moving in.  Terri & Bill came over for a short but very early happy hour/lunch.  We lifted the dinghy onto the davits.  The clouds & skies were becoming darker & ominous & around 1600 hrs. the 1st wave of heavy rains & strong SW winds arrived; winds so strong, the boat heeled & the force of the waves on the rudder snapped the bungy cord on the steering wheel.  ‘Airborne’ kept all us boaters informed of approaching lines of storms from the west & south as he saw them on radar; & several there were.  No visible sunset, no stars, no moon tonight.

Sun. Feb. 17, 2013—Day 138:
Destination:  Rock Sound
Winds:  WNW to N 18-25K in am & N 12-15K by evening                                                                      Seas:  white capped 1-2 ft. rollers in am & gentle chop by evening
Weather:  sunny & some cloudy periods, cool only H= 68F

An ugly night!  No more rain squalls, but the night was black & strong SW-W-WNW winds sustained a howling strength of 25-36K; the boat rocked fore & aft repeatedly with brief periods of calm in between.  I slept till 0330 hrs., waking & opening my eyes to see stars through the hatch directly above & sleeping about an hour at a time, trying not to think of the howling winds.  When the sun rose I just laid in bed longer than usual; I knew with the current sea state I would not get to Church today (closest= St. Anne’s Catholic Church 0900 hrs.).  The temperatures so cool that Graeme was in sweat top & pants; I sat in the sun warmed enclosure in shorts.  The decks were less salty under foot as were the enclosure windows.  It was a lazy day of some internet, but mostly reading an excellent novel I started yesterday called “The Kitchen House” & in fact I finished it; it was a sad novel that had me in tears several times, which probably added to my already melancholy mood.  Many boats (5/11) that had reanchored on the west shore returned this afternoon to the east shore as the winds subsided to 15K or less.  Although it was sunny most of the day, there was increasing cloud late in the afternoon & sunset was behind a wall of clouds.  A mix of clear sky & stars & clouds tonight.

Note to myself:
(1)    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to shorten, edit & re-organize my blog.  So far I think the best solution is to get away from the day to day diary format & instead use destinations/locations as my blog title & new post subject.  One problem I foresee is I would be posting less pictures unless I use another blog site such as an annual fee version of sailblogs where one can have a photo gallery within their blog.  Certainly less time would be involved in blogging with this format.
(2)   I am tired of this lazy life.  It has been 4-1/2 months that we have been travelling. And on this trip we have had 3 long stays in places so far because of weather issues.  Last trip in comparison we had 1.  Maybe this is all adding to my restlessness.  I love the people aspect of cruising.

Mon.  Feb. 18, 2013—Day 139:
Destination:  Rock Sound
Winds:  E calm about 8-10K, increased to 10-15K then 15-20K after sunset  Seas:  minimal
Weather:  cool, mix of sun & clouds

What a difference a day makes!  A cool but calm, quiet night!  Looks like the seas may settle down by Wed., so we plan to move north to Governors Harbour or beyond.  Soon after 0900 hrs. we met Terri & Bill on shore & walked to the Supermarket for a head of lettuce & more ground beef ($4.68/ lb.); not as lean  looking as packages purchased a few days ago; today’s frozen.  The boys each purchased another case of Kalik ($39.82).  We sat at a picnic table in the sun wearing shorts & a sweater for heaven’s sake because of the chilly cool breeze, chatting & drinking a few beers & charging my computer at Pascals—hosting another cruise ship tour buffet luncheon (almost every 2-3 days).  Terri & Bill came over to our boat with charts so we could show them the passage along the west shore of Eleuthera, to Spanish Wells, Royal Island & proposed crossing passage to Little Harbour, Abacos.  A clouded sunset, red sky followed with east winds gusting up.  A partial clear sky with ½ moon & stars & partial cloud.

Tues. Feb. 19, 2013—Day 140:
Destination:  Rock Sound
Winds:  E to ESE 10-15K                               Seas:  minimal
Weather:  mostly sunny

Where we were anchored we were protected by the easterly winds & so the winds actually were higher late last evening & overnight than what we felt; in fact at times the wind was howling.  The same situation existed this morning.  It generally felt warmer today although the breeze was cool.  Chris was a little dubious about tomorrow’s weather; winds are to still be in the 15-20K range with some moderation on Thurs.  Graeme adjusted the water pump fan belt after breakfast & reading.  Finally near 1000 hrs. we got to shore only to discover Pascals was closed for all of the today, some catering project & that my internet was still working; no complaints from me.  Terri & Bill were finally successful in sending documents off to the USA.  Then we walked south along the beach road, stopping at a couple of shops closed when last passed, up a couple of hills to a set of stone steps across from a Church that led to an ocean hole & a path around to caves; a secure ladder led the way down into the caves allowing us to explore.  The very high ceilings of the caves had openings to the sky, trees from above whose  roots extending down to the floor of the caves, bat webs against the stone walls & a large number of bats; our presence disturbed their sleep high in the ceilings of the caves.  Graeme & Terri did not want to come down & explore, & Graeme complained the most that it was beer time.  On our way back we did purchase 4 cold ones; the proprietor opened them for us & placed them in small paper bags for our immediate consumption outdoors.  Nowhere else but in the Bahamas!  We had quite a late lunch at Sammy’s Restaurantà burgers; I thought they would have more Bahamian food.  We said our goodbyes to Tesha, Pascal & their daughter & 3 sons.  Terri & Bill reanchored close to the water tap source at the blue shack on the beach & schlepped near 75 gals of water.  We met an NSC member who owns ‘Winter Sun’ who had just arrived about 2 hrs. ago on his cruising boat ‘Opportunity’, a Saga 40.  The dinghy engine & dinghy were lifted in prep for our departure in the am.  Clouds increased in the east & south & obscured a sunset again tonight, although there was some red sky afterwards.  A mostly cloudy night, ½ moon & few stars visible.           

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 19: Feb. 6-12, 2013 (Day 127-133)

Week 19:

Wed. Feb. 6, 2013—Day 127:      
Destination:  Thompson Bay, Long Island
Winds:  NE & calm
Weather:  warm, sunny periods with heavy dark clouds in the southern part of the island with rains, followed by sunny skies

St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church
See, I told you it was pouring rain at the Blue Hole! 
It was so calm a night I can’t believe we slept so well.  We were up in time for 0630 hrs. SSB; a few days of light easterly winds.  A hefty breakfast then some housekeeping chores.  Graeme was feeling a bit queasy in the stomach today.  Mid morning I drove the dinghy with Pam & Greg to the Long Island Breeze dinghy dock, depositing our garbage & filling 1 jerry can of water.  We visited the Tourist Department Office getting an island map, asking transportation questions & inquiring about half day car rentals.  We were put onto to Jackie at Long Island Breeze; yes, the car was available for $30.00 + a $50.00 refundable deposit once the car was returned; I registered as the designated driver.  Greg dinghied for Graeme, Pam picked up some groceries at Harding & both of us did emails till the car was available & the boys returned.  The Mailboat (every Wed.) was due to arrive at 1100 hrs.  So our 1st stop with the car was Hillside Grocery, just north of Salt Pond (fresh fruits & veggies) then south to Clarence Town, where we had a delicious lunch at ‘Flying Fish Marina’ (undergoing new construction by new owners), then drove to Father Jerome’s distinct Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church (locked) & St. Paul’s Anglican Church (under renovations).  The sky was blackening from the north bringing heavy rains while we drove to Deans & the Blue Hole at Turtle Cove (rough road).  This blue hole & beaches are totally unspoiled & one of the most superb natural sites in the Bahamas.  Unfortunately it was still pouring rain when we arrived & when trying to photograph the blue hole.  Three divers were just leaving as well.  We drove north through Scrub Hill, Hamilton, Pettys, Mangrove Bush, Deadman Cay, Grays to Salt Pond, topping up the car’s fuel tank + gas for the dinghy engine & returned to Long Island Breeze by 1700 hrs.  I found driving on the left quite easy.  A fabulous sunset with no land obscuring the visibility of the setting sun.  And best of all, there was a green flash!  Pam’s first!  A gorgeous red sky afterwards.  And a great supper.  Flat calm water as we dinghied home in the dark under partially clear skies with stars. 

Thurs. Feb. 7, 2013—Day 128:
Destination:  Long Island to McQueens, Cat Island
Departure:  0800 hrs.                   Arrival:  1815 hrs.                               Distance:  68.81NM
Winds:  SSE to ESE 13-18K                             Seas:  1-2 ft. waves with 4-5 ft. swells from SE to NW
Weather:  mostly sunny

A calm night with a pleasant light night breeze.  The guys hoisted the dinghy engine last night which just left the dinghy to hoist to the davits & secured down well.  After listening to 0630 hrs. SSB, breakfast completed & “all” stowed away, we were under way, west past Indian Hole Point, along Whale head, Bains Bluff, Simms, Dove Cay, Glenton Sound & Joes Sound towards Cape Santa Maria (good 4 hrs. distance), motorsailing under full jenny on a broad reach at a speed of 5.7 to 6.2K & seeing depths from 10 to 18 ft.  It was calm in this section that I was able to work down below on my computer composing my blog as I was many days in arrears.  Then our route took us out into the deep indigo blue waters of Exuma Sound & the Atlantic.  We altered plans & headed north to Cat Island instead of Conception because the wind (heavy east component) & sea conditions (1-2 ft waves with 4-5 ft. swells from the SE to the NW) thus on the nose & the bow pounding uncomfortably.  There was enough swell action that I did not want to spend too long a time down below.  We rounded the southwestern tip of Cat Island at Hawks Nest Point, turned to starboard to McQueens (24o11’N & 75o29.5’W) as the sun was setting; a bank of clouds rested just above the horizon, so no green flash tonight.  Greg & I were on the deck straining to pick up coral heads under these poor light conditions, but we seemed to have fared well.  When we reached a depth of 12 ft. we anchored & let out 100 ft. chain.  The warming effect of the sun was long gone, the wind was cool & we were actually chilled, if you can imagine.  Instead of a celebratory rum & coke we settled for a straight shot of Greg’s DR rum.  Pam cooked a lovely supper that we all enjoyed with a glass of wine.  It was now 2000 hrs. & we watched 2 episodes of Qi (British comedy show), fighting to keep our eyes open.  No other boats around, all alone under the dark clear starry sky.

Fri. Feb. 8, 2013—Day 129:
Destination:  McQueens, Cat Island to New Bight, Cat Island
Departure:  0900 hrs.                     Arrival:  1045 hrs.                          Distance:  7.69 NM
Winds:  S 8-10K, increasing to 12-15K & clocking westward
Weather:  warm & sunny with clouds in periphery

Walking the Hermitage

I noticed a ticking of the kettle on the stove (not centrally positioned on the stove) & a occasional gentle sideward roll in the early morning hours, but just laid in bed until dawn & time to listen to SSB.  Chris was predicting a cold front in the Northern Exumas clocking S to W to N overnight at 10-12K, increasing during the day from NE to 20K; although the direction of the wind should slowly clock to the E & SE, the wind speed X 2-3 days would be in the 20-30K range.  It was decision time because our guests need to be in Nassau by noon Feb. 14th.  Option #1: to stay here in Cat Island nearly a week & fly from here.  Option #2: move to Rock Sound, Eleuthera, ‘A’ on an overnight passage, or ‘B’ tomorrow during the day.  As we motored from McQueens (south shore of huge, open bay called The Bight) to New Bight (north shore), it was decided to leave at 2200 hrs. tonight to Rock Sound.  Thus more sailing possibility & new adventure for our guests.  We anchored on a falling tide in 7-1/2 ft. water, laying 80 ft. of chain.  A light snack, then 3 of us dinghied to shore; the dinghy got swamped as the 2 ft. waves rolled over the transom as we were landing.  We walked the well paved road, then stone steps for Mt. Alvernia, the highest hill in the Bahamas to Father Jerome’s Hermitage (retirement home)à impressive!  On our walk up we noted a tomato & cabbage garden as well as areas where banana palms were growing in a deep depression & other areas where trees had crosscuts about 4 ft. from the ground, rocky ground patches & a faint smell of something burnt; possibly future garden areas.  On our walk down we picked some very red & soon to be red tomatoes, as we had noticed many had fallen & spoiled.  Graeme had stayed back to establish waypoints on the chartplotter for our passage tonight, but joined us for lunch at the purple shack off the beach.  He stated that Terri & Bill had called, making contact over the VHF & were heading from Georgetown for here.  We had a great fish or rib lunch, letting Graeme eat our mac ‘n cheese while the locals played their dice game called “backo” I think.  This time we turned dinghy bow out, rowed away from shore a bit then employed the engine, a much dryer method.  And of course the wind died as soon as we arrived home.  Terri & Bill anchored next to us & came over for a social; they will wait out this cold front at a couple of anchorages along the western side of Cat Island, then head over to Rock Sound.  Hurray, we all experienced the green flash at sunset; my 3rd!  Sandwiches were prepared for the night voyage, Graeme slept before our late supper, then we all rested until 2200 hrs.  Two boats arrived after dark.  A dark night sky it was, stars by the zillions, no moon, music from shore wafted through the very still calm air as we departed.

New Bight Anchorage from Hermitage

FYI:  John Cecil Hawes, born in England in 1876 &  known in the Bahamas as Father Jerome, was 1st an architect then an Anglican priest.  He was sent by the Anglican Bishop to restore the damaged churches after the 1908 hurricane. He rebuilt 7 Anglican churches on Long Island with thick hurricane-proof stonework walls & barrel-vaulted roofs.  From Deadmans Cay he ministered the people of Long Island.  He became a Catholic priest, returning to the Bahamas to build Catholic Churches & the St. Augustine Monastery in Nassau.  He selected Comer Hill in New Bight as his retirement home in 1937.  His genuine & humble devotion to God is apparent as one walks through the archway at the Hermitage’s entrance at the base of the hill & all the way up the hill through the Stations of the Cross, past the replica of Jesus’ tomb with it’s rolled-away stone to his Spartan living quarters & small chapel for private devotion.
Locals playing dice game

Sat. Feb. 9, 2013—Day 130:
Destination:  New Bight, Cat Island to Rock Sound, Eleuthera
Departure:  Feb. 8 at 2200 hrs.           Arrival:  Feb. 9 at 1115 hrs.                        Distance: 88.39NM
Winds:  clocking SW to W at 4-5K at departure, to N & ENE 13-15K+/- at arrival           Seas:  calm at departure & through the night, gentle waves passing Little San Salvador & 1- 2 ft. waves at arrival
Weather:  dark, clear with a few dark clouds & stars+++ at departure, a mix of sun & clouds at sunrise to mostly blue skies & sun at arrival

Although the skies were clear & breathtaking & stars impressive, it was a very dark night upon departure at 2200 hrs.  The deck surfaces were damp, the visibility was very restricted & passage from Cat Island was greatly by GPS.  Graeme took 1st shift, I stayed up in the cockpit & soon after midnight drifted off to sleep, while Pam & Greg slept below.  Greg relieved Graeme at 0030 hrs. & they continued to relieve each other during the night & I slept below till dawn.  So I had little details of the night to relate, except that the seas were calm & the winds were light & on the nose till we turned off the wind when we reached another waypoint just before dawn.  Then the NE winds increased to 10-13K & we set the jenny on port until our next waypoint when the wind was once again on our nose.  Another change in direction off the wind & again the jenny was set on starboard but the wind now had increased in intensity to 15K+/-, sooner than expected.  We munched on our prepared sandwiches & drank a freshly brewed pot of coffee along the way.  We met Plumpuppet motorsailing in the opposite direction heading for Highborne Cay.  Can you believe such a coincidence!!!  It took us an hour longer than expected for our passage.  When the anchor was set (100 ft. chain in 9 ft. depth), we lunched & napped.  More & more boats arrived.  In fact John & Lois Wyndham (Astar) whom we met Feb. ’09 in Marsh Harbour & Graeme again in Oct. ’12 at the Annapolis Boatshow, came over to reintroduce themselves.  A lovely sunset; Graeme said there was a green flash, but how do you have a green flash with land between us & the horizon?  A clear sky, dark night & stars magnifico.

Sun. Feb. 10, 2013—Day 131:
Destination:  Rock Sound
Winds:  E & gusty 10-20K during the day & +/- 20K evening & night
Weather:  mainly sunny & cool from the strong breeze

Ocean Hole

Although awake at the usual early hour there was no need to get OOB.  A leisurely ½ cup of coffee sitting in the cockpit reading as a new pot of coffee was brewing, while the others slept.  Once everyone was up for a while, I made French Toast for breakfast.  Graeme emptied 3 water jerry cans into the boat tank, then stayed aboard to fill the boat’s diesel tank & adjust the water pump fan belt, while the rest of us dinghied along the shore to the wooden dock.  We walked passed St. Anne’s Catholic Church (Sunday Mass only at 0900 hrs.) to The Market Place Supermarket & back to St. Andrew’s Anglican Church off the beach, in search of the inland Ocean Hole.  The Ocean Hole is straight up from the wooden dock & up a few blocks; included was a small park with picnic table & a gazebo with picnic tables,  well constructed concrete steps down to the hole with a ladder to descend into the hole; several varieties of fish devouring bread, chicken & rice scraps thrown to them.  Once back to the dinghy, we grabbed 2 jerry cans & Greg filled them from the tap outside of Dingles (not legal but Dingles closed as it was Sunday), then levered them down into the dinghy at Dingle’s dock; Greg walked into the water from shore & climbed into the dinghy.  A semi wet dinghy ride home.  Lunch of smoked salmon, cream cheese, small bread squares, crackers, celery, carrots & red pepper dip.  L&L (lazy & leisurely) the rest of the afternoon of napping, reading or blog writing in my case until my battery was down to 10%.  I prepared a one pot meal for supper.  Another Bahamian sunset with decreasing easterly winds to calm & a dark, star filled sky night. 

Mon. Feb. 11, 2013—Day 132: 
Destination:   Rock Sound
Winds:  ESE to SE 12-17K
Weather:  mostly sunny with a few cloudy periods & a cool breeze

South Eleutheran Mission
Though I have failed to mention this, daylight came noticeably earlier X several weeks now & similarly sunset occurred later.  The winds were to moderate & clock over the next few days.  Chris though was unsure what may happen Wed., Thurs. & Fri.  Graeme & Greg dinghied to shore for 3 jerry cans of diesel (expensive).  Then Pam & Greg dinghied to the north shore in the direction of the airport to arrange flights for a Wed. am departure ($65.00 each).  An early lunch, then the 4 of us dinghied to Pascals at high tide & arranged a taxi for 0700 hrs. Wed. to the airport via Tina (bartender at Pascals) with her cousin, then walked to The Market Place Supermarket for just a few things & to Dingles & the South Eleutheran Mission, which housed an adult library, childrens library & a computer lab & room of historical antique furniture; Sam was the administrator.  We grabbed an ice cream at Dingles & I purchased a 1 day 24 hr. internet ($10.00).  We returned to Pascals, connected to WiFi (sunsethse) & electricity, & the decision was made to have dinner here; tasty, enjoyable & scenic on a beautiful evening overlooking the harbour; just  aslightly cool breeze.  No green flash but an orangey pink evening sky & a sliver moon visible.  A clear night sky of stars.

 Tues. Feb. 12, 2013—Day 133:
Destination:  Rock Sound
Winds:  S to SSW 15-20K                        Seas:  white capped 1 ft. rollers in the harbour
Weather:  sunny but breeze still coolish

Normal routine of morning activities.  A number of boats left this morning & new arrivals in the late afternoon hours.  Greg & Graeme did the shore ride for 2 jerry cans of water, since we obtained permission yesterday.  A pleasant lunch in the cockpit.  We were hailed  by ‘Second Option’ about 1130 hrs. as they were nearing Chubb Point; they had left Cat Island at 0230 hrs. & set their anchor about 1500 hrs. when we were on shore.  Mailboat scheduled arrival is every Tuesday.  The 4 of us landed ashore at Pascals to confirm the taxi for tomorrow at 0700 hrs. & to pick up bread rolls we had ordered; no bread delivered but we were assured that the taxi would show on time even though we had no phone number.  We walked about town, verified the Laundry Mat location (opens at 0900 hrs. & costs $3.00 per load).  We returned to the boat for some reading & packing, & Graeme dinghied down to ‘Second Option’.  The winds calmed significantly.  A lovely orangey sky after sunset with pink & violet hue & a sliver of moon like a nail cuticle.  Lights of a vessel were seen entering the harbour after sunset; later we discovered it delivered fuel to the airport.  Mirror like water & clear skies filled stars above.